watercolor painting of an arctic wolf

White on White

watercolor painting of an arctic wolfThis painting was inspired by an arctic wolf who I photographed at Lakota Wolf Sanctuary many years ago. While the arctic wolf is not “on the brink,” as are many wolves in the US, they are still threatened by humans. Climate change and industrialization both affect their habitat, and hunters pursue them for their beautiful coats…which personally, I think look much better on the wolf!

Remember, wolves are essential to the environment. They help maintain the balance by keeping grazing herd populations under control, which in turn allows vegetation to grow, helping to minimize erosion, and on and on.

“White on White”; 9″ x 11″; $100

Prints available at Fine Art America.


Why Is the Big Wolf Bad?

I grew up reading stories about the big bad wolf terrorizing sweet little pigs and eating grandma, and yet, I never developed a fear of them. The fact is, I also grew up with large, fuzzy dogs who gave me a love for all things canine, including the big bad wolf. I wonder, though, where the hatred so many people have for wolves comes from. Why is the bad wolf a central figure in so many tales? Why do we hunt them to near extinction? We love our dogs, but hate their closest relative? I am always inspired by their grace, their love, their beauty. They need to be cherished. They need to be saved!

“Essential” is watercolor on paper; 9″ x 12″; $100. Prints available at Fine Art America.